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Delta Air Lines is a global airline, one of the largest worldwide. According to SkyTeam (2009), a worldwide alliance management team of ten members, the founding member Delta “serves about 928 destinations in about 174 countries; with approximately 455 million customers annually and offers 15,955 plus daily well as, code-sharing (airline networks consisting of selling tickets of a partnered airline team)”.
In this paper, we will venture into the globalization of Delta Air Lines and understand if they are just a global corporation or if they carry a worldly mind-set as a strategic management strategy. Gosling & Mintzberg (2003) paraphrase T.S. Eliot’s famous words “should we not explore ceasingly in order to return home and know the place for the first time” as a definition of worldly mind-set” (p. 59). Do other people’s circumstances, habits, and cultures influence our management strategy in the way we do business? Delta Air Lines’ uniforms meet industry standard. Although, they customize them, they need to take into the account of other cultures behaviors as to the level of acceptability or circumstances as to whether or not the uniform will offend clients and not make them feel comfortable in the service they receive from Delta Air Lines as a home service to that specific cultures acceptability. Training throughout Delta Air Lines customer service diversity training by region and division enhances the specifics as to the particular worldly mind-set and adapt

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