Analysis Of ' Demagoguery And Fallacies ' Essay

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Esteban Rodriguez
Professor Brent Program
English 116
October 8, 2016
“Demagoguery and Fallacies” In all speeches, we used different types of demagoguery to make our statements more appealing to our audience. Patricia Roberts-Miller studied the principles of demagoguery and how they appeal to the public to make appropriate decisions. Patricia Roberts also state "that the most that information, the less likely the public will make appropriate decisions", with this information we can conclude how they can be used to appeal to the people. in different topics we use different demagoguery or fallacies to divide people into two different groups; the ingroup and outgroup. The ingroup is viewed as the good and correct group while the outgroup is viewed as wrong and bad. Demagoguery occurs mostly in times of political and economic crisis. In the speech of George Wallace on the topic of segregation and Donald Trump 's speech on the topic of immigration are perfect examples of the use of demagoguery. I will analyse the use of demagoguery and fallacies; such as grandstanding, demonising, nationalism, and hasty generalization, throughout their speeches to see how they appeal to the audience, I believe that the strategies use will show how the argument is inaccurate or how it relies on fear . In George Wallace in his speech as the "Governor of Alabama" was written by Asa Carter, a Ku Klux Klan leader during the height of the civil right movement. Wallace speech uses demagoguery such as

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