Analysis Of Dempster 10 - Original Writing

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Dempster 10 She takes her hand off my shoulder and nods her head. I shake my parents’ hands until they open their eyes. Gadaje speaks, “Good fairies, may this not be your last morning in Enywier. Go with the hope of our kind and find a way to put our realm right again.” We rise and walk out to the edge of the largest bough. Dozens of fairies are watching us as we stand, hand in hand, and hesitate to leave our home. Underneath us, the deep green of the cedars cover the hill and, in the distance, I can see the plains were our ancestors migrated from. Maybe we could make it there if we fly fast enough. That’s probably what everyone who has left thought. Mom steps up front and says, “Alright kids, stick together and if anything goes wrong, fly back here.” She links arms with Dad. “Are you ready?” “Just another moment.” Ikha says. He isn’t blinking at all and takes long breaths. “You can do this Ikha.” Kuwe smiles. “Just think, we won’t have to memorize lines or think about what we say or how we act.” I object. “I’m going to miss acting, though.” She glares at me. “This is not about you, Ling.” “Stop,” Ikha says and takes one last long breath. “I’m ready.” I yawn. “Well now I think that it’d be nice to just put this off until tomorrow.” My siblings yank me forward and we all take flight. I’ve done a hundred laps around the tree at a time, but this sea of trees makes me feel like a baby bird that has been asked to fly to the North Star. Tree after tree flies by and

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