Analysis Of Desensitization Of Terrorism By Asa Don Brown

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1.) Asa Don Brown, the author of “Desensitization of Terrorism,” focuses on how the influence of the media and social media have desensitized us when it comes to terrorist attacks. Brown directs the article toward an audience who questions why they are no longer as surprised by terrorist attacks when they occur as they used to be. This seems like an extremely odd feeling to have when several people are killed and hundreds are hurt, however, it is the strange reality these days. Terrorist attacks have been happening for years and years now and while we would love to just stop them from occurring, this is blatantly impossible to achieve. He emphasizes in the article, the idea that when terrorist attacks and the terrorists themselves are …show more content…

The article begins by stating the “legitimate purposes” of taking a photo of a dead body which include, “photos taken in the course of law enforcement investigations, medical examinations, and funeral services.” I think that this is an important piece of information to include in my paper to make it clear that in some cases, it is necessary that photographs are taken. However, for my paper, I will mostly be discussing terrorist attacks and some other cases in which it should be clear that photographs did not have to be taken. For example, Davis goes on to discuss a specific case that occurred involving a UPS driver that crashed and was found dead by emergency responders. One of the drivers took a photo of the body with their cellphone and this image quickly spread. The family of the man who passed away was disgusted and disappointed. They filed a lawsuit which stated, The offending photographs clearly depicted identifying features of Jonathan Thomas as well as his mortal wounds... They were unsightly, intrusive, and outside the bounds of decency.” The last phrase, “bounds of decency,” is the piece of this article that made me want to include it in my paper. I think that the idea alone of taking a picture of a dead individual would go way outside the bounds of decency but actually doing something like this is what I do not

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