Analysis Of ' Destruction After All Is A Form Of Creation '

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Leah Thaheld Lit Term Essay Irony: A contradiction or incongruity between appearance or expectation and reality. Text: “destruction after all is a form of creation” Theme: Children are a product of their own environment. During this part in the short story, Trevor, also known as T., has suggested to the boys of the Wormsley Common Gang to destroy an old man’s home while he is out of town. The boys begin destroying Mr. Thomas, also known as Old Misery’s, house. The kitchen is in shambles, the dining room is stripped, and the floors everywhere are demolished. The author presents us with the idea that “destruction after all is a form of creation.” As the boys tear apart Old Misery’s house they create something new and beautiful in their own minds. They may look like they are destroying things but many times throughout the story the authors refers to them as creators, builders and carpenters. He does not see them as just miscreants, but as children who are creating something along the way. The boys of The Wormsley Common Gang have grown up in harsh conditions and violence. Surrounded by war and bombs, it is not surprising the way they act out. They are a product of their environment and have lost their innocence in having to grow up with such circumstances. The author sets the story in this kind of violent setting to reflect the destruction and desolation. This kind of setting surrounds the characters. The gang meets up in a “impromptu park, the site of the last

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