Analysis Of Development Of Solar Architecture

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Analysis of development of solar architecture in China: How has modern architecture been redefined by this and Could it be the key factor in build a non-renewable energy free generation?

In the past century, our society had changed rapidly due to varieties of newly found awareness such as the concept of global warming and shortage of our finite power supply. These awarenesses caused us to adapt and develop new techniques in order to survive. One of the many things that had been changed in our society were the architectures especially in the more developed countries such as England ,America and China. As such, the concept of sustainability had “entered into the consciousness of architects and became an essential concern in the discourse of architecture” (1). With sustainability as priority in mind, architectural designs now focuses on how to increase the reduction of non renewable energy usage by using the energy exacted from nature itself.
For this dissertation, the main objective is to fully analyse how the idea of using green energy as an alternate source of energy had effect the architecture in China. Amongst the countless type of sustainable architecture, I have chosen to analyse the Solar Architecture in China as the main focus for this dissertation. In China, The concept of using solar energy as a direct power source had only been acknowledge in the recent years yet , as of 2005, China had became the leading solar energy pioneer in the world. So how…
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