Analysis Of Diagenesis Encodes Information Regarding The Physical And Chemical Processes

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The process of diagenesis encodes information regarding the physical and chemical processes operating in nature, which precedes the taphonomical journey of a bone into the lithosphere. When decoded, a fossil or an archaeological bone entails a series of natural processes of modification that perhaps decided the ‘destiny’ of a bone to transform into a fossil over the years of its residence into the sedimentary environment. Understanding these processes involved in the bone diagenesis is crucial to the reconstruction of ecological settings of an area(cite the papers on bone diagenesis and process of fossilization e.g. papers in “Archaeometry 2002 issue on bone diagenesis and also the proceesings of the Conference on “Bone Diagenesis” held…show more content…
Due to the highly porous nature of bones, bones are more prone to diagenetic alteration than tooth enamel, and therefore, tooth enamel has been considered to be the most preferable source of both stable isotopes and DNA (Jacques et al.2008). However, tooth enamel is not totally exempted from the structural, chemical and isotopic alteration due to diagensis process, but the chances are lower in case of enamel than the bones (Jacques et al.2008). Various scholars, such as Sorg and Haglund (2002), Parks (2009) linked the process of diagensis to the passage of time, as the length of the deposition increases, the organic decomposition and the chemical alteration in bones increases. An experimental study by Trueman et al (2004) provides an account for the years of depositionsthat alters different compositions in bones when they are buried. Reiche et al. (1999) indicate that it’s not only the length of depositions, but also the sediment compositions around the bones that are equally important to in the process of diagensis. Gutierrez (2001) adds two other factors, such as pre-burial factors, and post-burial factors, into the list of major diageneticfactors, which determinesthe preservation of bones, other than the duration of deposition, and the composition of the

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