Analysis Of Different Market Structures Of A Market Structure

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Analysis of Different Market Structures

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Analysis of Different Market Structures
1. Introduction
The small number of market structure consultancies across the globe shows that the market structure concept is itself considerably new. Clearly, various market structure components have been widely studied over the years: derivatives, exchange, trading, and clearing. Even then, there has been no holistic examination of the whole market structure ecosystem over the same period (Gitman & McDaniel, 2009; Sexton, 2008). Even then, recent market dynamics like the recent global fiscal downturn have demonstrated the need to engineer businesses to fit profitably into rapidly evolving market structures. Every market has characteristic, interconnected features, including the number of sellers, level of the seller collusion, level of competition, and production differentiation level.
2. Description of Diverse Market Structures
2.1. Perfect Competition
A market that has a perfect competition structure has many firms competing in it. In the market, prices are determined by many buyers as well as sellers. Each of the successful firms in the market is well-established. A single firm in the market cannot independently influence the prices in it persistently. Each of the firms is considered a price-taker. The quantity, as well as intensity, of the sellers, as well as buyers, who are ready to transact business…

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