Analysis Of ' Dinner With Trimalchio '

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Trimalchio, showcased in the most complete work of Petronius’ Dinner With Trimalchio, in the Satyricon profess many aspects of the rich and famous, where Jordan Belfort from Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street embodies the rising fame and fortune of Wall Street. Trimalchio and Belfort both have comparatively similar characteristics that run in unison with each other throughout their respective roles.
Both Trimalchio and Belfort came from what was considered lower class families, and eventually gained such vast amounts of riches they obtained the mentality that everything could be bought. The wives of Trimalchio and Belfort were of low class standards until they met their husbands, where they were bought over by their husband’s fame and fortune, and ultimately stayed with them because of their wealth. Throughout their journeys both Trimalchio and Belfort took their wealth for granted, they built their lives around their wealth, and the uncertainty of life took its toll on both men. Both characters displayed great amounts of vulgarity not only through their language, but their actions as well. The story is only the surface; the characters are the true representation of two different time periods colliding to produce such stories that represent parallel characteristics. Trimalchio’s past was very different to what he became to be, it wasn’t all fame and fortune, but instead Trimalchio was born into slavery where he was considered the lowest of all classes. Trimalchio

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