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Q1.1 Under the DISC model I feel that the ‘Directing’ style most adequately characterises my approach to communication. As an individual I am competitive and have found that the need to ‘win’ has shaped my approach to completing tasks. As a result I often take the lead in team based scenarios as I feel more comfortable in bearing a larger portion of responsibility to ensure the task is completed in the relevant time-frame and to the appropriate standard. I can also relate to other behaviours associated with the ‘Directing’ style of communication such as challenging the status quo and resisting authority. In this context I would consider these to be positive behaviours, describing a willingness to be creative and not be bound by…show more content…
I think this stems from my basic focus being on successfully completing the task and sometimes attempting to ‘promote change’ or being strictly systematic can detract from completing the task – particularly in team scenarios. In these instances I have found that behaviours such as taking the lead and ‘getting things done’ are more conducive to completing tasks and are therefore my more prominent behaviours. Q1.3 As a predominantly ‘Directing’ communicator I believe that my proactive nature, professionalism and willingness to challenge the positions of others are qualities which are conducive to an adversarial approach and earning the respect of others . Indeed, I believe that gaining the respect of not only the opposition but also the client is integral in building a strong reputation, networking and being successful in the industry. ‘Influencing’ behaviours such as creativity are also key skills in the modern legal landscape as solutions which placate both parties, without the need for litigation, are incredibly valuable in terms of saving time, money and relationships. These are the key traits which I believe will shape my development as a strong legal negotiator. Q1.4 I think the key weakness of my behavioural style is my approach to teamwork and as work in practice is often done in a team environment this is a skill I will need to develop further. Whilst I generally work well with individuals who exhibit similar traits to my own, I can
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