Analysis Of ' Directing'style

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Q1.1 Under the DISC model I feel that the ‘Directing’ style most adequately characterises my approach to communication. As an individual I am competitive and have found that the need to ‘win’ has shaped my approach to completing tasks. As a result I often take the lead in team based scenarios as I feel more comfortable in bearing a larger portion of responsibility to ensure the task is completed in the relevant time-frame and to the appropriate standard. I can also relate to other behaviours associated with the ‘Directing’ style of communication such as challenging the status quo and resisting authority. In this context I would consider these to be positive behaviours, describing a willingness to be creative and not be bound by traditional guidelines in developing solutions, as opposed to any subversive or negative connotations.

Q1.2 Spegel, Rogers and Buckley note that whilst individuals can often be characterised as exhibiting a predominant style, ultimately they embrace aspects of all four ‘DISC’ styles to varying degrees. When approaching tasks I believe I exhibit some ‘Influencing’ behaviours such as promoting change by approaching issues from angles beyond the norm in a bid to try and stand out from the crowd. Equally, I feel I can be ‘Conscientious’ in that I generally attempt to systematically approach tasks.

Whilst I believe I embrace behavioural aspects of the ‘Conscientious’ and ‘Influencing’ styles outlined above, they aren’t exhibited as prominently as…
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