Analysis Of Disney Films ' Americanisation Of Disney Movies '

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Americanisation of Disney Films
Multinationals have dominated the wave of globalisation in the recent past. They have also dominated exchange of commerce. This exchange leads to definition, expression and shaping of culture by dominant media corporations such as Walt Disney. Globalisation has been referred to Americanisation by most of its critics. They argue that globalisation is exportation of the American model to the world (Allan 89). Therefore, American multinationals, including Disney americanises anything on a global scale. Among the many aspects that define modern life, American popular culture is one of the most long lasting and ubiquitous. Throughout the 2oth century, people from all over the world have enjoyed animation, music and films written by a number of authors and artists. One of the most significant and popular American entertainers is Walt Disney. Walt Disney has introduced billions of kids and adults to his world of many imaginations and magic (Schickel 12). Since the 1920s Disney has been one of the leading sources of entertainment around the world and his legacy still lives on even in the 21st century. Many animated films produced by Disney have their roots from centuries-old narratives from Europe and fairly tales from all over the world. Through its existence as a studio for producing animation films, Disney has been adapting fairly tales and narratives from all over the world to suit western, and especially American cultural and social ideals and…
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