Analysis Of Disney Films Mulan And Aladdin

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Starting its production of films in the early 20th century, Disney has become a very popular company targeting an audience of children and adults. By the 21st century, its films has gone through many changes according to trends during those periods of time, especially with relationships between males and females. Men has always been prominent compared to the women in the movies. Women were displayed to be very dependent on male characters to come rescue them, no signs of independency are apparent until recent contemporary films. In the movies Mulan and Aladdin, the women were more free spirited and less dependent on men. In this case, Disney films begins to break that barrier of gender roles within a relationship as a couple, changing the view of gender expectations similar to this day. Around the early 20th century, women never gained freedom or rights like how it is today. Expected to stay home, manage the house, please their husband, and depend on the men to bring or come home with their needs. Kathi Maio , a Boston Journalist, wrote an article called, “Disney Dolls” on Disney gender roles for the online Magazine, New Internationalist; analyzes through classic Disney films--- Snow White. Maio examines, “Disney’s first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), set a standard for full-length animation and established a pattern for later Disney heroines to follow. Snow White is young, virginal, pretty, sweet-natured and obedient. Domestic drudgery doesn’t
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