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Portfolio Project: Disney Gregory John Pico AMU Disney in other Countries Each country has differences with how their culture plays a factor on how they do business. Rather it is by certain topics being discussed or a certain way people greet one another. When examining the cultural charts of both France and China on , a U.S. manager can get an idea on how their behavior may need to be modified when communicating with associates from France or China. For example, France scored a 68 on power distance, meaning that children are raised to be dependent on their parents, as well as teachers and to their superiors in the work environment (geert-hofstede, 2014). It is a society where inequality is fairly…show more content…
The Chinese Communist government has complete power over the legislation, economic and cultural institutions. While western economies have governments that promote transparency for doing business, China’s Communist Party’s rules and regulations have made transparency difficult (Jayaraman, 2009). Large manufacturing companies can come under various and random regulations and bureaucracies, and the Chinese promotes a form of social networking called guanxiwang, where guanxi is the relationship between the individual and the entities of the network (Jayaraman, 2009). With the heavy amount of corruption and the lack of transparency the guanxiwang or the social network with connections with people from the communist party can help western businesses avoid red tape and bureaucracy. The IMF told the international business world that China was doing fine in their transition to a new normal. With the IMF stating that the country was moving towards a slower but safer and more sustainable growth (Porter, 2015). With the risk coming from the Chinese government and their push for more economic reform might prove to be insufficient (Porter, 2015). The leaders in Beijing have stated that if there is further economic change it will lead to inevitably political instability, which doesn’t lead to the strongest incentive for government reform. Laws, Corruption and Ethics Though Disney does do business in multiple countries, the primary
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