Analysis Of Disney's Main Core Competencies

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Internal Environment In order for Disney to remain a dominate player within all of its markets, the company must focus on key aspects of its internal environment. Disney must concentrate on aspects such as core competencies, corporate governance, and synergies to assist in forming a sustainable competitive advantage. Core Competencies One of Disney’s main core competencies is its marketing ability. The Disney brand has been consistently listed on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list. In 2014, the firm ranked #13 and in 2013, it was ranked #14. According to Interbrand, Disney’s lasting brand success has to do with the company’s ability to emphasize creativity, technology, and global growth within its long-term business strategy. Another factor that attributes to the firm success is its capacity to understand what consumers want and how to personalize their experiences. For example, the new MagicBand and mobile application, which was introduced at Disney World in 2013, allows the customers with the use of technology to personalize their Disney experience. The band enables the participants to travel lighter throughout their entire vacation.The band can act as a hotel key, credit card, and ticket. The mobile application allows customers to book tickets make restaurant reservations and create a schedule of day’s events. Another core competency that Disney maintains is the operational efficiency, which is mainly demonstrated within its parks and resorts unit. A prime

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