Analysis Of Divided We Now Stand Essay

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“The performance of our federal government could hardly be any worse than it is today” (Douglas). The Land of Liberty’s current government is one of the worst of all its time. How so? According to many professional writers, the United States government has become extremely dysfunctional over the course of the last few years. Those credible writers all agree that polarization and tribalism affect politicians and citizens. Thus, creating a dysfunctional Washington. Many Americans are aware of the polarization that exists within them and within the government. However, people do not realize the extent of the polarization and the effect that it has on government functions. Susan Page, author of “Divided We Now Stand” explains that many Americans are aware of the increasing polarization, when a political party influences the stance of a person, and that citizens believe that polarization influence politicians more than it influence them. However, Page argues that voters are to blame as well. She uses a survey to illustrate the choices that Americans make on a certain policy. The results of the survey show that Democrats and Republicans choose the stance of their political party, regardless of their own personal opinions on the actual policy (Page). Page’s point proves that politicians are not the only ones that contribute to the government’s dysfunction, and that voters might want to re-evaluate how they process their information and their choices if they wish to see a change.

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