Analysis Of Doggy Surf Competition, Huntington Beach, Sat

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Doggy Surf Competition, Huntington Beach, Sat. September 26, 2015; an environment where dogs prevail over humans, social roles reverse, giving the pet the decision making to achieve in the event but continue to fully understand their role as a pet and acknowledge the owner’s power of command. Because an event such as a dog’s skill competition requires most of the effort put forth from the pet, owners become very dependent of their pets. Dogs develop a knowledge of their usefulness towards the owner’s goal, using that sense towards motivation, confidence, and competition. In this urban niche, humans and animals interact differently towards each other and their environment. Humans carry a competitive attitude towards other dog owners, while…show more content…
Surfing mostly occurs in the morning while frisbee occurs midday, and “Doggy bathing suit pageant” occurs later in the afternoon. Audiences tend to stick together and travel in groups, competitors move independently of both the audience and the judges, but tend to stay relatively close to other competitors in the same event. Finally, various groups of judges travel from one event to the other evaluating both dogs and owners, while other groups of judges stay in one sight the majority of the competition taking minimal breaks between each event. Different crowds arrive and several times during the day. The bigger crowd usually comes for the surf competition in the morning, and slowly decreases as the day continues. Smaller crowds arrive to watch the bikini pageant and the frisbee tournament because they are shorter events, and are not considered the highlight of the niche. Most events have different durations, “Doggy surfing” happens in fifteen minute intervals, interchanging competitors after each round. While other competitions such as frisbee or obstacle events succeed in longer intervals. Audiences tend to favor an event and usually spend most their time in that event. Also, because during the surf competition, owners need to help the dogs get on the board and push them onto the wave, owners spend all fifteen minutes in the water, while the dog does their competition. In addition, during the frisbee
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