Analysis Of Doggy Surf Competition, Huntington Beach, Sat

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Doggy Surf Competition, Huntington Beach, Sat. September 26, 2015; an environment where dogs prevail over humans, social roles reverse, giving the pet the decision making to achieve in the event but continue to fully understand their role as a pet and acknowledge the owner’s power of command. Because an event such as a dog’s skill competition requires most of the effort put forth from the pet, owners become very dependent of their pets. Dogs develop a knowledge of their usefulness towards the owner’s goal, using that sense towards motivation, confidence, and competition. In this urban niche, humans and animals interact differently towards each other and their environment. Humans carry a competitive attitude towards other dog owners, while dogs innocently think the competition is a game or a simple command. Indeed, there continues to be a barrier between respect and admiration. Dogs respect and admire their owners to please them for providing care and shelter, while owners respect and admire their pets by providing a home and a sense of family and friendship towards the pet. Because the environmental factor in this urban niche affects performance and cooperation, it benefits both the owner and the competitor that the beach is situated in an open area where animals seem to feel comfortable with their surroundings. Several competitions happening at the same time, cause people and animals to form groups depending on the event they are attending. Time determines what events take…

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