Analysis Of Dogtown And The Z Boys

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Dogtown and the Z-boys is a movie that represented the concept of youth subcultures. It expressed social conflicts associated with class, and culture. Although, the Dogtown movement first started off as a surfer subculture. Later, environmental, and historical consequences created the skater subculture. What is seen in this film is a minority group of teenagers from the outskirts of South Santa Monica and Venice beach. The skater subculture in Dogtown was created by the Zephyr club. In which it consisted of teenagers with similar backgrounds and styles. For example, they all came from broken down homes, they were aggressive, competitive, and much localized to their community. In a sense, like in any youth subculture, skaters were consider outcast, and full of trouble. Although, factors relating in social, environmental, and historical impacts lead this subculture to become very influential during its time period, and to become skating trailblazers. The movie takes place in the low Dogtown, is a city described in this movie to be low-income, discarded, have to have a melting pot of a variety of subcultures. The film starts off by describing the surfing youth subculture. It describes this subculture as an outcast to society. They then describe the Jeff Ho surfing club of surfers and their creation of a close net cult. After the introduction of the surfing subculture, the movie shifts its action to the skater subculture created by the surfer ideals, and style.…
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