Analysis Of Don T Drink And Drive Advertising

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People who make advertisements for companies work really hard to make a unique advertisement that is different than other companies, that are selling related products. It could take months to make an ad to satisfy the companies expectation for what they expect in their advertisement and hoping that they can convince the readers the buy the product, they focus on the small details to make an ad unique compared to other advertisement. People are blasted with myriad amount of advertisements, but what captures their attention is something they could relate to, something that is pointed to them and something that isn’t common to what they see in everyday ads. Advertisers want to capture the attention their audiences by the simplicity, color scheme and using rhetorical methods such as pathos, ethos and logos. The “Don’t Drink and Drive” ad talks about crucial issue that could take someone’s life away, and was published by BMW and has all three rhetorical methods to make a miraculous advertisement. Usually car advertisements show the interior and exterior parts of the…show more content…
The background of the ad has a color scheme of white and blue, a large portion of the background is white and the blue color is fading. I think they chose these two colors because of the BMW logo which is blue and white for simplicity. To the left side of the ad shows someone’s legs, below the knee which fills up the majority of this ad; the left leg is normal, while the right side is an artificial leg. To the right of the ad there’s a black colored vertically aligned text saying:” Spare parts for humans are not as original as those for cars.”. Under that text is also vertically aligned with the text above saying “Don’t Drink and Drive”. Below that there’s a small text saying, “Issued in Public Interest by”, following with a small BMW logo underneath
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