Analysis Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Essay

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Presidencial Paper This years presidential candidates have proven themselves to be some very unique nominees from all parties. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been called the two most unfavorable candidates ever to have made it through the primaries. The media shares many of the views of the nominees with the public but some are distorted by the media and not really their views. Some of the more important issues for a christian this election include the faith and morals of each candidate and their views of the second amendment. Another important factor for the presidential election is the fact that whoever is elected will be granted the power to elect at least one supreme court officials and possibly up to four. Donald Trump has been said to be the favored candidate with many religions because of hillarys strong support of abortion that goes against many religions. Although many people haven 't actually looked into his religion. Donald Trump defined as a presbyterian at Marble Collegiate Church in lower manhattan although he is not an official member(1). Trump attended the church most weeks from the time he was born to his young adulthood. The pastor of the church while trump was devotedly going to church was Reverend Paele(1). Trumps primary religion is said to based mostly off Paele’s teachings which taught you should surround yourself with the positive things and life and forget about the bad things(2). While Trumps stances in the 2016 presidential candidate don
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