Analysis Of Donald Trump 's ' Black Lives Matter ' Essay

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Any conflict exemplified within the media tends to have an impact of society. Whether it be an article or news story that affects someone’s political views, or a social media post that may change someone’s communal views. A small faction of people pushing to express a specific belief can go a long way, especially when utilizing the various number of media outlets the world possesses at its fingertips. So, what exactly did the social media users of this time have to say about the election? Donald trump is known for his constant appearance in the media for saying, or doing something that results in controversy. In the article, “Donald Trump BLASTS ‘“Black Lives Matter”’ Movement in a MAJOR WAY! BOOM” Kosar discusses Donald Trump’s reaction to Black Lives Matter movement protestors arriving to his rally. During the speech he was originally giving at his rally, he patronized fellow candidate, Bernie Sanders for allowing protesters to shut down his rally in Seattle Washington. He also went on to say that he would allow his supporters to fight for him if Black Lives Matter. If this does not sound like a bad candidate for presidency, then what is? His impulse reactions to conflicts serve as a bad character trait for a President to posses. The article also shows the protesters’ reaction to Donald Trump’s discourteous remarks. Twitter users took to the social media platform to notify the Black Lives Matter movement that Donald Trump is taking them lightly, and that they need to show

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