Analysis Of Donald Trump 's Campaign

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In an effort to control mentioning of Donald Trump, close examination of popular media outlets with large audiences will enable the campaign to see changes to rhetoric or schedule of statement releases (there are, on average, over 200,000 mentions every month). (Politico Staff, 2016) Campaign staff as well as Trump himself will be speaking with media in a manner that promotes a tight hold on delegates over the course of the election. Rallies will require significant control efforts because of protesters. Press conferences will enable the campaign to release accurate information at appropriate times. This helps keep information circulating in the public to be favorable. Social media is now a substantial part of elections. Releasing information and ads on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will generate needed feedback from audiences. Resources will be allocated to these sources of information because it is the most effective way of controlling what information flows around in the public, thus allowing the campaign to have a good amount of control on publicity and media coverage. The testing aspect occurs at many different ventures around the web from News polls to focus group studies. Frank Luntz, a market research provider focuses his resources during the Presidential race to evaluate the public opinion of the candidates based on many issues. Recently polling the effects on emotions towards Donald Trump using an address to the public based on the region on the world
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