Analysis Of Donald Trump 's ' Make America Great Again '

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Donald Trump claims that he will “Make America Great Again,” but he embodies qualities that make America an embarrassment. His racist, sexist, and uninformed views are not representative of the American population as a whole, but Trump is somehow leading in the polls among the Republican candidates. This obvious contradiction of Trump being rewarded for his “bad behavior” occurs as a result of the media coverage of his campaign. Trump’s candidacy epitomizes the idea that “all press is good press.” Both the positive and negative media coverage Donald Trump has received since announcing his candidacy is extremely advantageous to his campaign. The foundation of Trump’s success can be attributed to many characteristics that United States citizens emphasize, including his media influence, his celebrity, and his memorability. While many laugh at the idea that Donald Trump can “Make America Great Again,” it is certain that Trump represents many qualities that are distinctly part of American culture. The media play a massive role in Trump’s campaign, and the campaign’s coverage epitomizes both the cultural relevance of both the media and of Trump, himself. Trump appears on and is discussed on news shows on networks like CNN and Fox News, which is common for presidential candidates. However, he is also frequently parodied on late night talk shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and he is often a “Hot Topic” on The Wendy Williams Show. Trump sets himself apart from every

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