Analysis Of Donald Trump 's Presidential Election

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Donald Trump successfully won the 2016 presidential race by showing that he was anti-establishment. Anti-establishment is exactly what it sounds like; it is anything against the current establishment, or in this case, governmental system. The idea of being anti-establishment is not new; Jimmy Carter claimed to be anti-establishment to gain popularity in his presidential race. Carter 's term, however, proved that he was not anti-establishment. In the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump used similar tactics as Jimmy Carter. Moreover, President-elect Donald Trump 's anti-establishment bluster was undermined by his actions. Trump merely used anti-establishment as an emotional tactic to gain more votes. His anger and strong feelings resonated with people who felt unheard by the government. How could an anti-government approach however, not have ill effects on the attitudes of the people? After the election, there were been more violent outbursts and anti-government demonstrations. The idea of being anti-establishment as president means nothing in practice and creates disunity. Jimmy Carter showed that the anti-establishment beliefs in his campaign meant nothing in his presidential term. In 1976 Jimmy Carter ran for president, and won, by using an anti-establishment strategy. He preyed upon the people 's unrest concerning the government and stirred up strong emotions. Gary Benoit from The New American showed that Carter actually said, The people of this…
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