Analysis Of Double Indemnity Throughout The Course, And We Also Watched Essay

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For Writing 39B, we were assigned a project that allowed us to present our knowledge of the genre conventions that are used in the genre of Noir. We read the novel Double Indemnity throughout the course, and we also watched its film adaptation. For this project, I decided to write a script that portrayed a man’s struggle of trying to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas. Through his struggle, the message that I presented in my script is that the difficulty of accomplishing one’s dream often drive people to commit unlawful acts. The process of this project was rather difficult because I was lacking inspiration. My initial rough draft of the project was a TV show pitch. However, that initial rough draft was incompetent, and I had to redo my project. An avenue that could have been considered for this project was an attack on an institution. I eventually came up with my institution when I took a trip to Las Vegas to watch Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE show by The Beatles, and decided that the institution would be the entertainment industry. I could have done other areas of the entertainment industry such as a film or TV show production, but I felt that the portrayal of this specific show would end up being the most genuine because I went to this show. The attack I wanted to make on this institution was the competitive and deceitful nature make it difficult for one to prosper in that line of work. For example, Emma Beavers, a writer for Experience, a
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