Analysis Of ' Dove 's Self Esteem

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Confidence Is Key Attracting young people has always been more a challenge for campaigns and organizations. Capturing the focus of these young people to communicate a message effectively has always been a priority of campaigns and organizations. Sometimes however, instead of communicating a message the priority is addressing a social problem. A social problem such as young girl’s lack of self-esteem. With the power of Dove’s Self Esteem Workshop they are helping young females to love their look and to feel comfortable in their own skin. Dan Savage and Urvashi Vaid are founders of It Gets Better and Action Makes It Better for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Better meaning life in general and feeling more comfortable with who they are. We use Savage and Vaid’s strategies to benefit Dove’s Self Esteem Workshop to help young girls to improve their confidence and like the way they look, and by improving their self-confidence they will not miss out on events while growing up or suffer believing the cruel words from others. Dove’s Self Esteem project was made for young girls because more young girls struggle with having low self-esteem between the ages of seven to seventeen than most people realize. Not having good self-esteem takes a toll on young girls and causes them to miss out on many opportunities while growing up. Dove stated “six in ten girls avoid participating in fundamental life activities because of concerns about the way they look”. I found this very

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