Analysis Of Dr. Oz 's ' Doctor Oz '

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Doctor Oz is a clinical psychiatrist, uses regressive hypnosis to try to unlock the personalities battling inside her. As the movie progresses, Dr. Oz develops a chart of her primary three personalities that displays differences. Alice is a left-handed white woman with an IQ of 102. Frankie is a right-handed African American woman with an impressive IQ of 152. Frankie smokes but Alice does not. Genius, the 7 year-old, has an IQ of 156 and needs glasses because she is near-sighted. Thus, there is an evidence that Frankie has disruption of identity characterized by three distinct personality states (DSM-V, p. 292). The alterations in behavior, consciousness, perceptions and cognitions are clearly observed by Dr. Oz. Moreover, there are other scenes in the movie, which demonstrate that other people notice the change in Frankie’s behavior and actions as well: attacking the nurse in the psychiatric hospital, the scene of Paige’s wedding or her breakdown in the laundromat. In addition, through the movie Frankie’s recurrent gaps in the recall of everyday events, important personal information and traumatic events are well represented: Frankie does not remember buying an expensive dress, beating her mother for the bought necklace, nor hurting a person with a knife on the Paige’s wedding. These are the indications of meeting the criterion B of F 44.81, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DSM-V, p. 292). The scene where the dancers offer Frankie cocaine and she refuses, suggests that
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