Analysis Of Dr. Seuss Truffala Trees

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Dr. Seuss displays an alternate universe where the Lorax is the speaker for the Truffala Trees. One day an aspiring entrepreneur, the Once-ler, discovered how versatile the trees really were and began to distribute the product. The Once-ler calls the Truffala Trees byproduct, Thneed; the public quickly admires the product. Thneed was made from Truffala Trees and due to the demand for it, Truffala Trees were quick to dwindle in numbers. In ladder years, a young boy hears about the almost extinct trees and tries to find out why they are no longer are abundant. The young boy finds the Once-ler, who tells him “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to get better it's not” (Dr. Seuss) Deforestation and the destruction
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