Analysis Of Dr. Slusser's Article Young Kids, Old Bodies

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All of humankind knows that obesity is a real damaging part of our children’s lives; therefore, programs that address obesity are being created. These programs take into account different variables depending on how much they want to address. “Rather than trying to zero in on any single factor, a dynamic-systems approach is needed: Many factors, over time, make a child overweight”(Berger 2014, pg. 250). In the article “Young Kids, Old Bodies” by Alice Park, Park talks about some programs designed for childhood obesity. Firstly we are introduced to Dr. Slusser’s program; the Fit for Healthy Weight program at Mattel Children’s Hospital. “The core of her program, however, involves communicating with kids in a style known as motivational interviewing.…show more content…
This strategy is not very productive because some parents might not even get the results it might get lost in delivery. It also doesn't even help on what to do if a child has a high BMI. It probably tells parents what a BMI is (the ratio of weight to height) but it probably will not help them decide what will be the best course of action to take pertaining to each child's particular case. Although there are many down sides to only using this strategy, in a matter of using this strategy to begin a program is not a bad start, but it should only be the…show more content…
Acanthosis nigricans is “a darkening and thickening of the skin in the back of the neck that can signal prediabetes”(Park 44). Then children who have these symptoms would be sent home with a letter, Park explains that it would be no different than sending them home if they had lice. Even though this is a good strategy for finding early symptoms, it is not a very effective preventative for obesity. To clarify, most parents will not know what to do with that information, some might even argue that it is wrong or that it is a lie. The only way I personally see this as being effective is if the parent after reading the letter takes their child to the doctor for an examination. Then for the doctor to set up a program that further addresses
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