Analysis Of Drake 's ' The Song ' Nothing Was The Same '

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In the past decade, Drake happens to be the most successful and influential hiphop artist to have originated from Canadian soil. Born in Toronto, Drake resonates his feelings of the city and his upbringing in his albums which reflect a very different past when compared to traditional or even modern-day rap artists. In the context of this paper, Drake’s album which was released in September 2013 called “Nothing Was The Same” will be examined. The album consists of thirteen songs with an additional two bonus songs. While critically analyzing the album, it has a very clear reflection of Drake’s past and it is his rendition of what he went through and what has eventually led to his successful stature as it stands today. Firstly, the cover of the album itself showcases a painting of Drake in the form of a child who is looking back at his journey in life and his music career. This is also a reflection of his album which consists of recent hits including “I Have Nothing”, “Started From the Bottom”, “Pound Cake” and “Hold On”. The overall message within the album remains Drake’s struggle along with his successful transition from being a struggling artist to a successful one. Moreover, he also doesn’t shy away from taking aim at his contemporaries and those who have dismissed him in the past. He is also vocal about his success by comparing himself with NBA superstar Dwight Howard while also letting the world know about his relationship with Tatiana Ali. However, the unique aspect

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