Analysis Of Duncan Grant's Interior At Gordon Square

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Interior at Gordon Square was created by Duncan Grant during 1914-1915, Collage on board, 76.4*64.2cm. I could feel that I was surrounded by warm and peace when I was looking at Duncan Grant’s work Interior at Gordon Square. It makes me relax. The painting was constituted by several collage which have different shapes and different colors. This painting basically describes a scene in a room. In the middle of the painting, there is a sofa with a cushion on it, besides the sofa which is the upper part of the painting is a window, and there is a door on the right side of the window. Through the window, there is a square outside which is filled with green.
The first reason that the painting makes me feel warm and peace is the color. A large area of using warm color in the painting makes the piece become warm tone. Interior at Gordon Square is a painting using plenty of color blocks such as blackish green, lemon-yellow, grass-green, khaki, red ochre and yellow-green. Moreover, the board’s color is light yellow. Besides, there are some cold colors in this painting such as Prussian blue and dark blue, those dark shades in this painting make the whole picture sedater. The combination of the warm colors and sedate atmosphere makes me feel peace and warm.
The scale is the second reason why this painting makes me feeling calmness. Interior at Gordon Square is a 76.4*64.2cm painting, which is a human-size painting. When the size of work is bigger, the visual impact becomes stronger.
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