Analysis Of Dundee Fc And Dundee 's Impact On Implications Of World War One

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Dissertation Rationale Why this particular Project? The topic I have chosen for my dissertation is “Dundee Fc and Dundee Hibernian The Impact and implications of World war one.” I intend to look at the Primary impact of the war if there were men that fought and look at if they were impacted by specific events during the war. Looking at similarities of between other football clubs such as the “Hearts of Midlothian or McCrays battalion”. I have chosen this topic because it is a subject that I have a major interest in. Also it is a topic that I feel is relatively untouched. I believe that as a fourth year student in History I now need to contribute to my field. This topic is also i feel important to me as i am from Dundee and also support Dundee FC. Furthermore I feel that football is a important as it could be used as a propaganda tool during the war (Football grounds were seen as a good place to get men to enlist.) By looking at the effects on two specific clubs and the effect on the city I am hoping this topic will tie in with previous work I have done concerning the jute industry in Dundee during the Great War and how it helped aid it’s decline. Definition of Objectives My objectives for this dissertation are to contribute to my field by improving the knowledge and awareness of the history of Dundee FC and Dundee Hibernian focused on the First World War. By looking at the direct effects of the conflict for example, men who fought for their country and if they were
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