Analysis Of Dungeons And Dragons Remake

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Dungeons and Dragons remake Okita, Gozen "Shiing!" My sword sings as I pull it from my sheath, instantly making me feel like its fate to feed my sword blood again. I slide it across my pointer and middle fingers of my left hand, steadily watching my reflection. I take a deep breathe and kick the door down to the queen consort 's chambers. "Damn, they 've already been here.... now it 's a game of chase." I smirk to this conclusion I 've come to. I jump out the window and study my surroundings, only to realize I 've jumped into a new world. "Wait... a new..... world?" I look behind me at the window. Back in my world I was a famous Samurai that killed the king and took his place. I say famous, which is true, but only for my lust of blood. I am a fantastic fighter (sword and hand-to-hand), I am wearing somewhat decent armour, and I have a few things of value I could trade if needed. Deaths don 't bother me. Do I resume chase here, or go back to the castle and look? Armour- +60 Weapong- Katana sword, dagger Money- $100 Skills: Sword fighting, hand-to-hand, can handle a combat dying (is that a good or bad thing?), I am very athletic. faults: I get mad easily and it sometimes causes me to make the wrong decision. Eward R. Halwell I tap my fingers on my desk while leaning on my right hand. I let slide a yawn, only to realized Mr. Owren 's face. "I 'm sorry, Mr. Halwell. Am I boring you? This is of great importance." Hey says trying to keep his compsure, only to fail. I look

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