Analysis Of Dutchman And The Ethics Of Living Jim Crow

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When analyzing the works “Dutchman” and “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow” the message the authors are trying to convey become clear through their effects on the reader. In my essay I will explain how the authors use literary terms to help the reader gain a better knowledge in their work. In Amira Baraka’s work “Dutchman” symbolism has a major effect on the overall message as a whole. Although, we see many forms of symbolism there are two that really jump out to me. First, when Lula murders Clay. That to me is a symbol of the racism and what it does to its victims especially back in that time period. Clay puts in a great effort to fit in with the people around him and to be accepted and saw as equal as anyone else, but his…show more content…
The train in the story may be a symbol of the life of a black man in today’s society. We live make a mistake or fall into an unknown trap then you die. Basically, opportunities and chances don 't come often for the minority male species. The long train ride allows a man to feel the freedom he so desires and ends once that freedom is no longer available. On the other hand Richard Wright writes about life experiences living under the Jim Crow laws. The informative and chronological style of writing Richard uses deeply affects the reader while taking in what is really happening during this time. He begins by giving us the harsh reality behind the racism he’s dealing with. Wright begins by describing the land to show us how not only did the South have a plethora of racist acts but, the towns were also set up in a racist manner. Wright linked anything green to white people because the only green in town was found where the white people lived. Blacks didn 't get quite good as their yards were filled with cinders. The blacks and whites were also separated by railroad tracks. Of course, the blacks were behind the railroad tracks maybe to emphasize white supremacy. The Jim Crow laws simply meant that white people could treat blacks any way they wanted to and blacks couldn 't retaliate. We received this message very clearly when Richard began to talk about the play wars he and his friends had

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