Analysis Of Early Childhood Observation

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I think that my observation is progressing very well since I am a teacher in that facility that I choose to do it. I pretty know most of the children in the classroom. Some of them were in my previous class. The teacher was happy to have me in the classroom for a couple hours every day. My target child is one of my old students and I am so glad I can do the observation on him.
I think I was comfortable in the classroom with the teacher and the children who were happy to see me working with them. The teacher was opened to answering all questions that I might have about my target child.
At the beginning, I was little confused about how to do the summary for each running record. But now, after having read the two first chapters in the textbook and I get more understanding and
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Also, Implementing developmentally appropriate materials and activities in the classroom will help the teachers to set up an appropriate classroom environment. A well-organized classroom with appropriate materials and activities will help decrease frustration among the children and help children develop a positive sense of self and respect for others. Moreover, children are more likely to have the ability to corporate when the teachers use a variety of ways to support collaboration among children. As the children learn new skills, using developmental appropriate curricula will help them reduce the learning gaps, increases their achievement and allow them to share and engage in a positive manner in the learning process while they try to solve their own problem. The teacher who uses developmentally appropriate curriculum in the classroom incorporates a safe, healthy, accessible environment and well-maintained indoor and outdoor areas with age-appropriate materials equipment that supports social and physical
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