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The comedian Eddie Izzard is socially and politically important because he is able to talk about real life situations by making them funny. By making the politics that he talks about comedic, Izzard is able to persuade his audience to have the same viewpoint as him. Izzard has an impact because he talks about real life people and situations in a comedic way, he is supporting his community by running multiple marathons and collecting donations to help Sport Relief, he supports and defends the LGBTQ+ community, and is running for British Parliamentarian. These are all very important things when impacting his audience socially and politically. By combining all of the things that Izzard does, he is able to impact his audience's viewpoint and…show more content…
Common themes across these interviews include Izzard talking about the LGBTQ+ community and how this has impacted his life because he is transgender. He also talks about how being a comedian has helped him to help others. He also mentions how he is able to run marathons which raise money to support others. Also, he mentions how he is running for parliament in the interviews. In addition to interviews, this work relies--though slightly less heavily--on the biography of Izzard. Though similar to the interviews, this work helps retrieve unique insights like why Eddie Izzard had decided to become a comedian, how he grew up and why he is running for Parliamentarian. One way that Izzard is able to change his audience’s viewpoint, is by talking about real life situations in a witty way, by doing this he is able to change the viewpoint of his audience, to the same view that he has. An example of this is, “Comedy is interesting, because it’s not a building tool, it is an attacking tool. It tears down pomposity and stupidity in certain presidents” (Wright 1). In this statement Izzard is saying that comedy has more power over people’s opinion than realized. Through comedy, Izzard is able to sway the viewpoint of his audience into making them agree with him and what he thinks about certain situations. By making the political situations humorous, he is able to make the topics easier to

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