Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's Tell Tale Heart Essay

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Imagine yourself looking in the mirror. The mirror is a high definition mirror that shows all of your pimples, your acne, and all of your flaws. You might have big pores, or fat checks, dark spots around your eyes, or you have a thick eyebrows that are forming into one big eyebrow. The mirror shows a lot of things that you don 't like about yourself, but instead of building yourself up you decided to tear down someone else down for their flaws. Very much like the popular girl at school you learn to start tearing people down. You begin to start picking on the girl with the pale skin with dark short hair. You grow up in life and you continue to judge people. You become the stereotypical “mean girl’ in life. But are you a mean girl only because you are insecure about yourself, or do you genuinely have nothing better to offer society than cruel comments on people’s appearance. Very much like a “mean girl” in Edgar Allan Poe’s Tell Tale Heart, it is a thrilling mystery with murder. The story is basically about a man who is a server to an old man who has an odd looking eye. It is not the old man’s fault for his appearance, nor should the old man deserve the cruel thought, that is being thought out by the narrator who also is the servant. Later in the story, the servant decided to murder the old man with the odd eye because it freaks him out. The story allows me to think that the servant is the mean girl. He is stuck in a boring unexciting life after he peaked in high school. He
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