Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Raven '

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Jadon Vanderslice. Ms. Glass English 1213 5 February 2017 Poe Edgar Allan Poe, arguably one of the best poets ever, has wrote many great and deep-meaning poems, such as “Annabel Lee,” and “Dream Within a Dream.” Both putting off a rather dark image and goth-like elements, a way of writing Poe loved best. Mostly known for “The Raven”, Poe’s Poems all have real deep and mysterious meanings that make people think a bit more to figure it out. The way he expressed terror, the suspense, the heightening of the atmosphere, his unique charm. But why is Poe such a dark poet? Why does most of his poems give off a sad and depressing vibe? How does he begin to even write such weird poems? To a degree, all writers are affected by past memories and…show more content…
He was a lot different than most. He rarely made mistakes, and all poems usually just came from absolute nothing. His point of view in his poems also made the reader more scared and made it feel more real for the reader. Poe’s poems are all written in a first person. Readers thought they could see the writer’s state of mind better if it were in first person. I’d say it almost gives off a full direct effect of the poem by feeling the fear and mysteriousness of it all. They treat the emotions of the poet as if it is their own. Poe’s gives the reader these mixtures of hints and clues that fires up the imagination of the reader, just like his poem “The Fall of the House of Usher,” in which Poe started off with memories that connects with readers well. He wants to set the tone of the reader right off. He always takes the reader to that fantasy, but realistic like world. His influence of his gothic novels are death involved happenings, and very terrible events. The image in the Poe’s poems always overweighs its literal meaning. Poe, also considered as the pioneer of symbolism literature, made symbolism his distinctive feature of all his work. It was a very important literary tool, and is still used this day. Suspense was everywhere in his writings. Readers are in for a surprise in almost every poem he would write. It is actually called unknown suspense if according to Poe’s works,
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