Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's Writing

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Growing up as a kid in Avondale located in Birmingham, Alabama reading and writing was not the most popular thing to do, it was just one of those things that people detest. Avondale was a place where life seems to have been sucked out, instead of grass mostly everybody had a yard full of dirt, there were gang symbols spray painted on nearly every wall/surface in sight, and everybody seemed to detest each other’s presence. It was just rough to grow up in Avondale, and the people that live in Avondale just did not see reading and writing as a skill or attribute they should try to enhance, Ideally I was already set to fail. But while I was attending Whatley elementary during the month of October as a 2nd grader my teacher decided to bend the rules for the first time and she introduce me and my fellow classmates to an author known as Edgar Allan Poe. Now Edgar Allan Poe, a complicated individual, was not an author you would present to a class of 2nd graders because most of his work is for a more mature audience. The book that she read to us was called “The Tell Tale Heart” and it was about a man who tries to exert to the audience that his actions of murder were completely sane, he murdered a old man with precise and clever methods, dismember his body and hides it within the old man floor, but in the end his guilt forced him to give himself away and confess his crime to the police. Since it was during the month of October her motive was to frighten us for the celebration of

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