Analysis Of Edgar Allen Poe 's Annabel Lee

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Edgar Allen Poe’ “Annabel Lee”, jumps immediately into the story of a beautiful maiden that lived in a kingdom near the sea. Poe wastes no time revealing the speaker 's infatuation with this elegant woman in the first stanza. Throughout each stanza, a kingdom by the sea, where both Annabel and the speaker had fallen in love is where the storyline takes place. Poe demonstrates his lavish skills by portraying the perfect love life, that was so deep even the angels became envious in stanza three and four. These seraphs that were so jealous of the couple, took Annabel’s life by an unknown death in stanza three. In the last two stanzas, the speaker and Annabel had such a love that even after her dismal death, the speaker could feel her…show more content…
The events that lead up to Annabel’s death and the persona’s connection with Annabel help the reader to understand the true meaning of this poem. Poe’s talents were overlooked his entire literary career. At the time Poe was starting his writing career, one source says, “several editors and publishers were starting new magazines and newspapers, and Poe was keen to join them” (Hayes 477). According to another source they describe Poe as, “a solitary, unrecognized, romantic genius, adrift in a cash-and-carry society;” (Beidler Soldier 329). Possibly Poe wrote many of his passionate love stories because of the love that he had with his mistresses. In one article, a source says “Poe, mourning the death of his beloved Virginia,” (Beidler Mythopoetic 252). This quote leaves the reader to believe that Virginia could be linked to Annabel Lee and Poe linked to the persona who feels a profound connection for his passing love. Poe was considered a drunkard and an opium abuser throughout his lifetime (Beidler Soldier 329). Although being inebriated quite often, Poe seems to show no signs of any deranged writing in “Annabel Lee”. Poe, being a romantic who had a significant other that passed, could have had a connection with Virginia much like the persona and Annabel Lee did. The Poem Annabel Lee consists of six stanzas, three with six lines, one stanza with seven lines and two with eight. Although this poem looks like a ballad, it does not completely

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