Analysis Of Edgar Allen Poe 's ' Spirits Of The Dead '

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The work of Edgar Allen Poe is vast, there seems to be an array of short stories, long stories, and poems. Narrowing down the options of adaptable content was a process within itself. Dispersing the work and assigning duties equally so everyone could be involved was a priority. Lynnette Rheault provided our first location, props, and was the lead in the film. Kasey provided the camera equipment, acted, and directed the scenes for green screen and special effects. Kaitlyn Kerins wrote the script, directed, edited, acted, and scheduled our meetings. I acted, edited, applied the wound makeup, and helped brainstorm the script. We all worked together as best we could and in terms created a film together. In this paper I will talk about the overall process of adapting a work of literature by Edgar Allen Poe. I will bring up the difficulties and successes of working in a group to bring Poe’s poem “Spirits of The Dead” to life in video form.
Choosing one piece of Poe’s work was the process that took the longest. Two weeks went by and my group still hadn’t decided on a text. The only idea that we all seemed to agree on was not wanting to do a popular Poe story that is widely known. To help the process of finding a story, our group leader (Kaitlyn Kerins) assigned everyone in the group to pick three of our favorite Poe texts. From there we talked about the different content chosen and did the process of elimination. We eliminated texts by talking out how each story or poem could be…
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