Analysis Of Edgar Allen Poe 's ' The Tell Tale Heart '

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Since about the late 1900’s, we have considered Austin Powers the infamous International Man of Mystery, however, lucky for us he wasn’t around roughly 200 years ago when Edgar Allen Poe was born. And in my opinion, the Man of mystery himself is none other than Edgar Allen Poe. You see, Poe is still one of the greats when it comes to enticing emotion into readers. Whether it is psychological fear in short stories like Bernice and The Pit and the Pendulum or poetry about death, sadness, and love. But, Poe really does raise the bar when it comes to mystery in his poetry. From houses suddenly blowing up in The Fall of the House of Usher and uncanny deliriums in The Tell-Tale Heart, mysteries of all kinds encompass Poe 's works. What makes poems like A Dream Within a Dream so special is the fact that they still two centuries later they baffle and even relate to the readers of today. And while A Dream Within a Dream doesn’t feature anything as gruesome as Poe’s normal affairs, it is still mysterious and gloomy. In fact, it is Poe 's reflection of the most paramount mystery of all: death, time, reality. How much time do we get with the people we love? In the poem, the question of whether or not the things we see and the way things actually seem to be, whether real or unreal remains unanswered. It always seems to leave the question of why people get taken from us and why it is those times that we end up questioning reality making us believe that we may have just been daydreaming.
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