Analysis Of Edith Wharton 's ' Ethan Frome '

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Outline I. Abstract II. Background A. Childhood B. Adult Life 1. Loveless Marriage 2. Divorce III. Critiques and Reviews A. Ethan Frome B. Pulitzer Prize IV. Personal Analysis A. Ethan Frome Analysis B. Marriage Speculation V. Original Piece A. Neglected Love (Poem) VI. Conclusion VII. Bibliography. ABSTRACT Edith Wharton was a Pulitzer Prize winning female author whose writing style was mainly affected by her aristocratic upbringing. Growing up Edith Wharton was friends with former President Theodore Roosevelt. The two were often compared and both were said to have been self-made ‘men’. Edith Wharton’s novels were often critically acclaimed until Ethan Frome was published. The novel was said to be cruel and violent by critics and casual readers. In my opinion, Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome is a great book that reveals the harsh realities of failed relationships hanging on by a thread combined with the struggle of being poverty stricken. For my original piece, I will write a poem about Edith Wharton’s failed marriage that lasted 28 years, as if I were Edith Wharton after her divorce from Edward Wharton. I chose to do a report on Edith Wharton because she was a female writer that believed women were just as capable as men during a time when men were seen as superior in every aspect to women, and also because she achieved much more than most male writers of her time. I believe Edith Wharton’s aristocratic upbringing had the main effect on her writing style. Background

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