Analysis Of Edward Abbey 's Desert Solitaire

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I will be reviewing Edward Abbey’s memoir during his time spent in southern Utah. In his book, Desert Solitaire, Abbey illustrates how the Arches National Monument evolves throughout time and including the time he spends there working as a park ranger and observing the change throughout his adventures. The two thematic concepts I will be incorporating onto his memoir are the urbanization and development lenses. Throughout his memoir, Abbey ties in many thematic concepts to each other, but only addressing to these two lenses will give a better description. Thus both urbanization and development do play a role in the main point Abbey portrays in Desert Solitaire. In the beginning of his memoir, Abbey shares his own opinion, in which he uses to give a very descriptive explanation on why urbanization and development are both hazardous but also carry benefits to places like Arches Mountains. Abbey gets his point down and uses his time in Utah to back up his argument. Desert Solitaire takes place in a small, lightly populated city in southern Utah called Moab. Edward Abbey’s venture begins when he becomes a park ranger for the Arches National Monument. Pleased by the fact that the Arches are surrounded only by dry, deserted Canyonlands, Abbey shares in his memoir that this is his paradise. In addition to his paradise dream, Abbey works twelve miles away from the closest human, in which he says that he is thankful for being in such solidarity. Being alone in one of the least
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