Analysis Of Edward I Of England

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Danny Ilyenko Mr. Coker World History A 1 October 2017 Edward I of England Edward was born on June 17 of 1239 at the Westminster Palace. He was the firstborn of Henry III who was his father, and Eleanor of Province was his mother. He was named after his father’s favorite saint. “Edward was a delicate child and suffered from a life threatening illness in 1246, which his devoted mother, Eleanor of Province, nursed him through at Beaulieu Abbey” (Edward I). One of Edwards childhood best friends was his cousin Henry of Almain, who was the son of his father’s brother Richard. They were such good friends that even as adults they stuck. Edward was a tall man whose height was 6 feet and 2 inches, he also had long arms and legs, this is where he…show more content…
Edward had defeated Montfort’s forces in the battle, this he thought. And he made a huge mistake of following his enemies after they fled, because when he came back the rest of his army had been captured and defeated. Edward and his cousin Henry of Almain were given as prisoners to the rebel barons by an agreement called the Mise of Lewes. On May 28, 1265 Edward managed to escape his enemy and joined the Earl of Gloucester, who had just become Henry III’s ally. He later took over Worcester and Gloucester, and Montfort had moved east to join his son Simon. Edward had a surprise attack at Kenilworth Castle, right before he cut off Montfort. The opposite side met him and they fought at the battle of Evesham on the August 4, 1265. Well in the end Montfort was killed and defeated, his body was buried secretly near Evesham Abbey, while his head was sent over to Wigmore Castle. Later in December, Edward had made peace with his younger cousin, Simon de Montfort at the Isle of Axholme in Lincolnshire. He led a successful assault on the Cinque Ports on March 1266. The remaining rebels were hiding out at the Kenilworth Castle and didn’t want to surrender until Dictum of Kenilworth was taken over. Eleanor of Castile died in 1290 when she was 49. “Eleanor had been accompanying Edward on a journey to Lincoln, when she began to exhibit symptoms of a feverish illness she had previously suffered from in 1287”(Edward I).She was forced to go back home,
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