Analysis Of Edwidge Danticat 's Krik

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Vy Nguyen
Dr. Lisa Muir
9 December 2015
Women in Haiti
There is much to know about Haiti when it comes to the conditions as well as the events witnessed in Haiti during the regime of the Duvaliers. However, little is knows about this country despite its proximity to the United States. The Duvaliers caused a lot of injustice toward Haitians. In Edwidge Danticat’s Krik? Krak!, originally published in 1991, she brings out the suffering and violence that were witnessed in Haiti through the resilience of strong women. Josephine’s mother in “ Nineteen Thirty-Seven” and Marie in “Between the Pool and the Gardenias” represent the strength of women, which plays a significant part in most of the stories in her book; yet, their powers are seen as false and threatening.
In “Nineteen Thirty-Seven,” Danticat uses Josephine as the narrator, who speaks of her imprisonment for being a witch, having managed to cross a bloody river when she fled from the Dominican Republic (DR) to Haiti. At this time close to 20,000 Haitian workers were brutally murdered in the DR. In “Between the Pool and the Gardenias,” Danticat introduces the reader to Marie, who picks up a dead baby in the street and decides to name it Rose. She believes she is the baby’s mother and shares secrets about her life with it.
Defile, who is Josephine’s mother in “Nineteen Thirty-Seven,” is serving a jail term for being a witch. Recalling her mother’s arrest, she “saw people took her mother away. Her face was bleeding

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