Analysis Of Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell

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Summer Reading Assignment
My name is Elle Weber and I am going into eighth grade. I read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and I give it 3 stars out of 5.
It is 1986 in Omaha, Nebraska and Eleanor, a big red headed sixteen year old and Park, a half-Korean sixteen year old meet on the bus and realize they have many similarities. Comic books and music from the 80’s rock world pull them together after many awkward encounters. These two out of place teenagers have one amazing love and it makes it hard to stop reading. Eleanor and Park are both smart and know that first loves never last, but they are brave and desperate enough to try. This story challenges the idea of love at first sight, and definitely makes us think about what it means to intensely connect with another person. When Eleanor and Park clicked they didn 't talk, but Park would give Eleanor comics secretly on the bus and sneak them into her backpack. Park also made Eleanor a mix tape of 80’s music so that she wasn’t in the shadows. Eleanor had a rough family life with many siblings and a mother who paid more attention to her husband than her children. Park doesn 't know this but he make Eleanor happy and makes going home easier. Eleanor struggled with bulling in many ways, physically and mentally. Eleanor is a strong girl but it gets to a certain point where she can 't do it anymore. Park helps her through it when he comforts and talks through things with her. With Eleanor’s parents not liking Park and Park’s
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