Analysis Of ' Elena ' By Sara Constantakis Essay

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There are a lot of barriers that existence within human nature. The most profound barrier that exists is the language barrier. As human, we are met to communicate with one another. Without communication, there is simply no connection. A language barrier draws imagery line between people to make them feel distant on a deeper level. The frustration rushes through one’s brain when he or she realizes that they have a mouth but cannot utilize it to get their point across. There is a great deal of frustration to be misunderstood due to the restraint and limitation the knowing words and of trying to piece these words together to properly express oneself. In this paper, I will explain the effect and frustration of boundaries between people and how there are ways to try to get rid of that profound barrier. Believe it or not, the language barrier is very common among the daily lives of many people. An article called “Overview: ‘Elena’,” written by Sara Constantakis that looks deep into the poem “Elena,” written by Pat Mora. Constantakis talks about how the poem explicitly highlights the effect of how a language barrier could effect an individual. She goes on in deep explain that with a language barrier problem one may have the “sentiments of exclusions, humiliation, and fear” (Constantakis 1). The poem “Elena,” written by Pat Mora, is about a Hispanic woman who just recently moved away from Mexico and into the United States. According to Sara Constantakis’ article, “Overview:
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