Analysis Of Elizabeth Bowen 's ' The Demon Lover '

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Elizabeth Bowen: The Writings of War

Jay Gogri
Sr. Marlene Mucha, S.S.J
British Literature
February 10, 2016
Elizabeth Bowen: The Writings of War What forces a person to write? It could be feelings, situations, or even experiences. Writers such as George Orwell and Sylvia Plath influenced the world with their writing. As a major writer in the Blitz era, Elizabeth Bowen wrote her experiences in the war. Using the atmosphere and the surroundings as a source of her writing, Elizabeth created many different novels and short stories that played on the emotions of the people. One major short story, "The Demon Lover," displayed the Blitz as a tool for devastation. Although Elizabeth Bowen 's "The Demon Lover" depicts a mysterious and eerie atmosphere full of ghosts, it also portrays war as a destructive and catastrophic force. Born on June 7, 1899, Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen, formally known as Elizabeth Bowen, was a major British novelist and short story writer. The year 1899 was, "the eve of what has been called by many the century of total war.?[endnoteRef:1] Bowen spent most of her childhood in Dublin. Her father, due to certain illnesses, died when she was the age of seven. Similarly, her mother suffered a terrible death. Elizabeth then lived with her relatives on the Kentish Coast. As a writer, she wanted to write about her feelings, the surrounding atmosphere, and the perplexity of war. Elizabeth Bowen described war, ? . . . more as a…
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