Analysis Of Elizabeth Grammar 's Case Study

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Analysis of Elizabeth Layman 's case study (2011) xxxxxx xxxxxx University of the People Word count: ??? words Abstract We review the case study completed by Elizabeth Layman (2011) and review how principles of goal setting are applied, how the principles of job enrichment are applied, and what were some of the outcomes of job enrichment in the HIS Departments covered in this case? Additionally we explore the impact of job enrichment on motivation and communication in the HIS Departments as covered by this case? Analysis of Elizabeth Layman 's case study (2011) Multiple aspects of goal setting were applied, identification of what is to be achieved and the appropriate input to establish what end result was to be achieved, data to confirm the change and the goal was in fact a beneficial goal and change, implementation and alignment to the organisational structure and organisational needs, and identifying and structuring new roles to be aligned to the department goals, and finally gaining additional data to confirm and measure the goal was achieved and successful. The input from multiple levels in the organisation to identify and collect data to establish if change would be beneficial. The collection of a second stage of data to confirm the changes would work and be beneficial and finally the implementation of the changes and the collection of feedback data to confirm the change was successful and outcomes met. We can see the input

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