Analysis Of Ellen Ullman 's ' A Strong Passionate Woman '

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Ellen Ullman, a strong, passionate woman, grows up with an ambitious dream of reaching high and aiming for the stars. Defying the social standard, she immerses herself into the male-dominated career of computer programming where she immediately runs straight into a barrier separating her from the path to contentment and success in the workplace. Unlike many women, Ullman found a way to shatter the glass ceiling and rise above, but she cannot discover how to end sexism for all other women across the nation. America is said to be the land of equal-opportunity, but working women are still experiencing great levels of discrimination in the workplace. The root of sexism comes from an abstract way of thinking—stereotypes. Throughout history and still today, the American culture promotes the stereotypes of women being viewed only as the care holders of the family that raise the children and tidy up the house. Sexism does not just affect a few women, because across the nation and for many years, there have been an abundance of accounts of women suffering from discrimination. Women are discriminated against by receiving less pay and subservient jobs due to the stereotypes used against them in the workplace which, in turn, damages both women and businesses directly. In order to push forward through this great injustice, people must start at the elementary level to extinguish stereotypes and allow America’s children to grow with an open mind. Gender discrimination especially targets
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